ROUGE DIOR ROUGE DIOR Those who have long been subscribed to me, know that I love to replenish my collection of lipsticks with new colors. This time I tried out the ROUGE DIOR collection of lipsticks and was just surprised by the result. Perfect application without stickiness and dry lips. The color is bright and saturated, just

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BEAUTY FAVORITES I had long planned to make a post about new beauty favorites. My beauty shelf is forever growing and during these past few busy weeks, I’ve put some new ones to the test. I usually change my beauty routine up every season because as the weather changes so does my skin and that requires some much needed attention.

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Ballet mood

Ballet mood Strong and bold a white swan. Powerful femininity in Jimmy Choo fragrance. ДРУГИЕ РАЗДЕЛЫ

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L’Oréal Source Essentielle

L'Oréal Professionnel Source Essentielle There are a couple of things that are just understood when it comes to a beauty routine. Today I want to talk about hair care, as they require special attention. Throughout my life, I used a lot of different hair care products and I know exactly what my hair needs. Recently, I had the lucky opportunity to

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Dior mood

Dior mood Для съемки в стиле Dior мы использовали нюдовый макияж и низкий хвост с боковым пробором. Из одежды я выбрала длинное черное, полностью закрытое платье, с полупрозрачными вставками с боку. К этому платью я взяла единнственный аксессуар – СУМКА С КЛАПАНОМ J'ADIOR. Конечно, данный образ не может быть завершен без нежного аромата, который создает нужное настроение. Моим последним фаворитом является

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